NUR256 Research and Evidence Based Practice:Healthcare Challenge


For this unit, you will be completing one discussion board assessment. In this assessment, you will be creating an original post and a reply post to your peers based on a healthcare topic that interests you.

Assessment instructions

Using what you have learned in modules 1., 2., & 3. create an original post explaining a research question you have developed on a healthcare challenge. The original post should explain what the healthcare challenge is and include a breakdown of the PICO or PICo that you have used to create your research question.


  • Clearly and succinctly summarises the healthcare topic of interest
  • Develops an appropriate research question using the PICO or PICo framework and explains which model was selected and why
  • Evaluates the most suitable forms of evidence to answer the research question providing examples of at least one relevant resource to support the evaluation
  • Responds to a peer and provides feedback on the student’s healthcare topic and research question supported by literature Marking Rubric Please access the marking rubric to ensure that you are maximising your marks in your submission.
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