PH5629 Nueroscience for Rehabilitations

Title- Neoroplasticity- underpinning recovery and function. Description: To critically evaluate 2 research relevant to the topic and one review. Focus on a current area for recent advances in human neuroscience research in a topic to this module and critically evaluate two see selected human based articles and one designated review/opinion article as to their contribution to our current knowledge of brain function/cognition in health and disease. Selected articles must utilise modern neuroscience techniques rather than merely evaluating clinical interventions solely from a behavioural or intervention approach.An evaluation of the limits of neuroscientific understanding as well as critical appraisal of the two studies must be included. Your essay should also suggests how the research may contribute to neurorehabilitation practice. In general, the research articles must utilise on eor more modern imaging or stimulation technique such as MRI/fMRI or variants, MEG/EEG, rTMS or TMS on non invasive stimulation or variants. It is necessary to select different techniques or their limitations in your articles.
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