PUB351 Health Promotion Implementation and Evaluation Assignment


Description This task requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in designing and communicating a process evaluation plan for a health promotion project. This is an individual task where you will develop a written evaluation plan for your strategy portfolio project
Using the evaluation plan template provided you will:
Develop and provide justification for the process evaluation to assess an allocated strategy and activities; and
Develop questions to be used to assess process evaluation indicators. 
One strategy from the portfolio, and its associated activities a different strategy is to be assigned to each Task 2 group member The evaluation plan will include the following components.
List at least two health promotion principles and describe how you have applied them in preparing this evaluation plan. You may like to present this information in a table. 
Justify your choice of evaluation indicators and methods selected for your evaluation plan.2. Please note that you are not required to develop your own health issue analysis. Copy and paste the health issue analysis directly from the original project plan you selected for Task 2. 
Insert the relevant project goal, objective and sub-objectives you are evaluating only. Please note that you are not required to develop your project goal, objectives or sub-objectives. Copy and paste the project goal, objectives and sub-objectives you will evaluate for your outcome and impact evaluation plans directly from the original project plan.
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