SPRT776 Based Pratice in Sports- Physiological Characteristics


1. Scientific essay: An essay on the physiological aspects of an athlete’s performance and methodologies used to test them.
2. Report to the athlete: A report of the results and recommendations to the athlete You will be provided with a number of datasets arising from different athletes of various sporting disciplines. These datasets will represent data collected as part of physiological testing in our labs or in the field. You will be asked to select one of these datasets to work on and produce your essay and report.
You will be required to critically evaluate the physiological requirements for elite performance in the chosen sport, and describe, evaluate and justify the testing procedures used. You will then analyse the data and produce a report to the athlete outlining their performance in the test, strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for improving their performance.
Your assessment needs to include the following sections:
1. Physiological Characteristics
2. Methods and Procedures
3. Report on:
a. Results, Analysis, Interpretation
b. Exercise recommendations for the athlete
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