Time Management and Meeting Skills


1.What are you going to do in this report?

Remember in the reflective report you are supposed to focus on: reflective writing on all the three challenges; Apprentice, Presentation and T-Shirt. In this reflective writing skills gained should also be included.

2.Reflective writing on skills gained from all challenges that is Presentation, Apprentice Challenge and T-Shirt Challenge.

First give us a brief background of each challenge before reflecting on skills gained from all the Challenges.

Skills Gained from Challenges using some of these sub-headings.

Communication skills/Emotional Intelligence


Time Management and meeting skills

Business skills and competencies developed

Research skills

3.Analysis of Each Challenge from a business angle and knowledge gained from about how businesses actually work.

Branding- Explain the importance of Branding and what knowledge have you gained from ‘Branding’. You will need to bring in your T-Shirt Design in your discussion on Branding and also explain your Target Market for your T-Shirt.

Finance- Explain the importance of Finance and what knowledge you have gained from ‘Finance’.

Operations- Explain the importance of Operations and what knowledge you have gained from ‘Operations’.

4.Discussion of the following themes in relation to Teamwork;

Emotional Intelligence (Goleman’s Theory) or Tuckman’s Theory on Teamwork

5.Action Plan

An Action plan on how you will develop skills over the next three years at university.

You need to support discussion of both challenges  and the skills with reference to core module materials covered. SMART Objectives to be used.

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