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11:35< To DoAssignmentDetailsDriun Article & Extra Credit SubmissionThis lesson we also have a required reading, “TheRole of Children in the Design of New Technology”by Druin (PDF). (found in the Lecture Slides folder).It’s a really interesting article on having childrenparticipate in designing technology that targetschildren as users. It’s a bit long, but it is a quickread.IMPORTANT: There will be at least one question onthe Final Exam that is taken from the Druin article!Hurrah! We have an extra credit opportunity.As discussed in the syllabus, you can earn up to 5extra points that are added to your final score.Here’s how it works:Reaction Paper: Up to 2 points can be earned bywriting a reaction paper to the article “The Roleof Children in the Design of New Technology” byDruin (PDF). (found n the Lecture Slides folder).The reaction paper should be no more than 3pages, and must include a summary of the articlea long with your reaction to or critique of (positiveand negative) the article.Submit Assignment< PreviousNext →6G09DashboardCalendarTo DoNotificationsInbox


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