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10:22 7BUS2003 Assessment…QSydneyLeverwinMelbourneLOSMtume 30000303El programmegeEl programuwww.apicollege adu.auAPICASIA PACIFICINTERNATIONAL COLLEGEAssessment 2: Case StudyWeek 7IndividualDue date:Group/individual:Word count/Time provided:Weighting:2500 words40%[ULO1], [ULO2], [ULO3], [ULO4)Unit Learning Outcomes:Assessment 2 DetailIn this case analysis, you need to identify an issue in business ethics and/or sustainability and demonstrate yourunderstanding of the discipline by evaluating your recommendations. You can investigate a real-life case froman organisation. Your lecturer will not assign you to a case study. You must discuss your choice of case studywith your lecturer by providing a verbal or written rationale for choosing a particular case study. Your lecturerneeds to approve your choice of case study in written format (APIC email). Plagiarised assignments will notbe tolerated.You need to consider a significant business ethics and/or sustainability issue. Do not consider multiple issues asit will degrade the quality of work. You need to consider yourself being a consultant helping with the issue. Yourlecturer is looking for creative solutions proposed by groups.Examples of issues could be:.Corporate Social Responsibility and stakeholdersManaging ethical issuesEthical decision makingThe role of corporate culture and ethical decision makingEthics auditingEthical leadershipStudents will need to collect data from actual organisations and/or secondary sources. Valid sources forobtaining such data may include:• Visits to the case company and interviewing key personnel (if you choose to do this, interview questionsshould be included in appendices).• Secondary data from online (it should be reliable and valid online data sources such as data from otherresearch publications, databases and so on. (WIKIPEDIA is not a suitable one)• Company’s annual/quarterly reports, and sustainability reports.• Related business strategy management articles and news.SydneyLevel 6, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street,Parramatta, NSW 2150Phone: +61 2 83192100Email [email protected] edu auapicollege.edu.auMelbourne399 Lonsdale StreetMelbourne VIC 3000Phone: +61 3 9603 5333Email programs apicollege edu.auapicollege edu auwww.apicollege.edu.auAPICASIA PACIFICINTERNATIONAL COLLEGE4ODOODODashboardCalendarTo DoNotificationsInbox


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