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10:22 7BUS2003 Assessment…QSydneyLevel 6, 1-3 Fitzwilliam StreetParramatta, NSW 2150Phone: +61 2 8319 2100Email [email protected] edu auapicollege edu.auMelbourne399 Lonsdale StreetMelbourne VIC 3000Phone: +61 3 9603 5333Emait [email protected] edu.auapicollege edu.auwww.apicollege.edu.auAPICASIA PACIFICINTERNATIONAL COLLEGEStructure and format of the report (Assessment 2)IntroductionThe introduction should include background to the project and an introduce the topic you are researching, andits importance followed by the case study objective and then the implications. More specifically- Introductionsection shall include what are you doing? Why importance)? How (short methodology within 2-3 lines)? Whatare the contributions (to managers, literature)?Literature reviewReview the literature on the topic you are researching. Review of journal articles is preferred. Please makesure that your literature review reflects the understanding of business strategy management concepts forthe purpose of applying them and the application of theoretical concepts. More specifically you need towrite about the topic of your interest and relevant concepts based on previous studies. You need tomention what previous studies have investigated? What previous studies were not investigated (Researchgap)? What could be done? How does your study address the gaps in the previous studies?MethodsHere you explain the methodology or sources of data/information and how do you collect. You should alsodescribe the type of data (qualitative or quantitative) and how collected data can be useful. You can collectdata from a real-life organisation or using secondary sources. You can also use some databases from APICLibrary such as ProQuest, EBSCO, SAGE or Google Scholar and so on if you collect data from secondarysources. In these databases, you can find a lot of published papers with their own data; you can use thembut must be cited. Please make sure that your method reflects the development of feasible and effectivesolutions to address the complex issue(s).Structure and format the case study findings and analysisProvide a description of the organisation in the case study (1/2 page). Then critically evaluate the ethicsand/or sustainability issue in the light of the literature and discuss the recommendations. Please make surethat your evaluation reflects the theoretical concepts underpinning the discipline of business ethics. Alsomake that your evaluation reflects the originality of potential solutions. (New techniques, knowledge,applications, and management practice). Further, your evaluation shall reflect justification for innovativeideas and processes.ConclusionYou need to discuss your findings and how the findings can be helpful for the business and what are therisks for implementation. You should also discuss if there are any limitations of the study. Conclusion openswith a summary of the report and then considers the consequences of the suggestions. No new materialshould be introduced in this section.Appendices (if any) Your appendices may contain, for example, detailed tables of data, details of how youdid a calculation, interview records if included, or photographs if of some interest.References: The project is directed at the collection and analysis of data, if you use material from anothersource then references it properly. You need to cite 10-15 references from journals, reports and so on. Thevideo links for referencing style (Harvard referencing style)availablehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jueq)78iAwkhttps://apic.instructure.com/courses/368/pages/referencingareatOther important notes:Use Font 12 Times new roman with 1.5 spacing, single column, justified and 2.5 cm margin in all foursides for the report body and submit a Microsoft Word file.All assignments must include an individual assignment cover sheet which is downloadable from APICwebsite.SydneyLevel 6, 1-3 Fitzwilliam Street,Parramatta, NSW 2150Phone: +61 28319 2100Email programs apicollege.edu.auapicollege.edu.auMelbourne399 Lonsdale StreetMelbourne VIC 3000Phone: +61 3 9603 5333Email programs apicollege.edu.auapicollege edu.auwww.apicollege.edu.auAPIC4ODOODODashboardCalendarTo DoNotificationsInbox


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