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SAMPLE Lesson Plan – Wireless Infrared Technology20 Minute Training SessionTHIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE – IT IS A SAMPLE YOU CAN USETimeContentInstructional Methods(What trainer does)Activity / Exercise(What trainee does)Training Aids &Handouts1-2min.Introduction-Introductions-Overview-PurposeRapport: How is everyone to today?Icebreaker/brainteaser: If you were strandedon a desert island with your laptop (no externaldrives) how would you transfer a file to anative’s laptop?Large group discussion:Trainees give responses tobrainteaser: ie., Copy to disk –no disk driveBurn to CD-Rom – no burnerSend by e-mail – no networkSend by infrared – correctanswer (small prize)Slides 1-4Are you using slides??2-3min.Objective #1Define the term “wirelessinfrared technology.”(Knowledge)Question 1 (open)What does “infrared” mean to you?Slide 52-3min.Objective # 2Explain the need for transferringfiles using Wireless InfraredTechnology. (Comprehension)Question 2 (open)Why would you want to transfer files from onelaptop to another laptop in technical support?Ask for volunteer/spokesperson from eachgroup to write answers on white board.Slide 6-7White Board, Pens2-3min.Objective # 3)Demo: Change settingsWalk around during hands-onQuestion 4 (directive). Would everyone nowfollow steps 1-3 on handout to change yoursettings?Question 5 (closed) Is everyone ready forstep 4?Handout (Steps 1-2)Slide 93-4min.Objective # 4Transfer files from one laptop toanother laptop.Question 6 (directive) Please follow step 4on your handout to transfer a file.Continue Walk around(Hands-On – Laptop) Traineespair up (teams of 2) to transfer afile from one laptop to anotherlaptop.Handout (Steps 3-6)Slide 102 mins.Trainee EvaluationAsks questions on presentation slide.Students respond to questionsand confirm understanding.Slide 111 min.SummaryRepeat learning objectives – In today’s sessionyou have learned …Slide 122 min.20 totalFeedbackExplain importance of feedback & distribute.Ask trainees to completefeedback form.Slide 13 – Handoutfeedback forms


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