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For Assignment 1, Your assignment should be about 2 double-spaced pages, with 12-point font and 1″ margins:1. The General Social Survey is a survey designed to help researchers and others understand attitudes, behaviors, and demographics of people living in the United States. Go to the — General Social Survey’s GSS Explorer Key Trends website.—————————————————————————————- You will see several categories (e.g., Gender and Marriage). Look through some of the data until you find two questions that you find interesting. If you need help navigating the categories/trends, go to their View Trends page.Write about the trends. Tell me which two questions you selected. What trends do you see over time (e.g., did percentages of people who agreed/disagreed go up, down, stay the same?)? Are you surprised by the trends that you see? What might account for any changes (or lack of changes) over time? PLEASE NOTE: in this assignment, you do not need to discuss your own personal answers to the questions you selected. Instead, you need to discuss the findings of the respondents from the survey.


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