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These entries should address the following points:• What is happening in your internship or workplace? • How are you relating what you have learned in Module 1 to what is happening in your workplace? • Reflect on the process of identifying the level of responsibility for SFIA Generic skills and ask yourself which factors did you consider in your assessment? • How has the SFIA Generic skills activity contributed to your professional development?Some optional areas to consider in the second entry might be:• Can you identify any communication issues or challenges that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about differences in workplace culture? • Have you mad an interesting article or blog recently? • Have you attended an interesting event or presentation? • Did you attend an interview, or make an important/interesting presentation? • Any other topic that you feel is relevant or you would like advice on from your tutor?To submit your Module 1 Journal Entry, click on the Submit


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