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Written Homework (don’t worry about plagiarism, reference) simply question-answer This write-up has three parts which are outlined below. Please pay close attention to formatting and organization, and attempt to make your answer as easy as possible to read, which includes starting each part on a new page. Consult the syllabus for additional specifics on how to format your work. solution should be of sufficient length to fully address the question. Part 1: True North Intro Answer questions 1 and 6 from the Introduction Exercise on page 219 in Appendix C of True North.In your answer include what you hope to gain from this class. Part 2:Hill and Lineback (2011) Describe how using the authors’ prep, do, and review strategy could help you improve on one of the three imperatives using a real example from where you work (or plan to work, or have worked in the past, if you are currently unemployed). In your answer, include a summary of your results from the assessment on page 130. Part 3: Schoemaker, Krupp, & Howland (2013) Which of the six essential skills most resonated with you and why? Give an example of how you will try to improve on that ability.


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