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Comparing “Hymn to the Sun” and Psalm 140Reread the Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun,” an Egyptian poem, and then read the work attributed to King Solomon from the Bible, Psalm 104. (Links to an external site.)As you read and reread, consider the following: What are five similarities and five differences between the two?How might you account for the similarities? What do you observe in terms of monotheism; how does each illustrate ‘god’?Write at least 150 words, in complete sentences for this reflection. You may write more.This assignment will assist in developing your ability to (SLO 1) Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities. Your effort with the assignment will reflect the depth of learning you have achieved by reading and or listening to the selected poems and by reviewing your written responses. Likewise, you will build on your ability to articulate how these works express the values of the individual and society within a historical and social context (SLO 2), as well as articulate an informed personal response and critically analyze works in the arts and humanities (SLO 3). As we continue our study, you will realize the broad influences of our forebears’ expressions on our world, past and present. Further, your ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the influence of literature, philosophy, and the arts on cultural experiences (SLO 4) will be heightened and expanded. As we broaden our class activities, including short videos, literature from across the time periods we study, as well as the ways of people thinking and expressing themselves, and we write or discuss these foundational human expressions, we develop a greater understanding how these expressions teach us about our past, our selves, and our future. Finally, by looking at a variety of human expressions from the past, we develop and are able to demonstrate an awareness of the creative process and why humans create (SLO 5).Even when humans were still focused on survival, they expressed themselves on the walls of caves and by manipulating stone. We also observe the powerful wielding their might — What needs are fulfilled in the human, and which concerns of the culture might be displayed in the artifacts humans create? We will consider this feature of humans, perhaps discovering in ourselves why we create throughout this course.Be sure to write in complete sentences, responding completely to the queries above. TIP: Meeting minimum requirements does not necessarily mean the response will receive maximum points. Read the rubric below for exactly what I look for when I grade.


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