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KF5006 Applied Programming Task: Learning Outcomes The learning outcomes (LOs) for this module are:- 1.Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the essential facts, concepts, principles, theories, challenges and techniques for developing software applications in the fields of Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics or Computer Networking. 2. Apply knowledge and understanding of techniques and tools to solve complex computer-based problems. 3. Identify and analyse problems and select and apply effective methods and tools for their solution. 4. Use a range of tools, knowledge and technologies in the development of computing applications. 5. Design, build, test and evaluate a prototype product or service for a specific computing problem domain. 6. Effectively communicate information and analysis, using professional documentation techniques. Over the course of the module, you have been introduced to the following: 1) C++ programming.2) Code Organisation across files.3) Creating readable code.4) A systematic methodology for designing functions.5) Tools for debugging code.6) The memory structure of a running program.8) Memory allocation on the stack and the heap.9) Object oriented programming. During the lab sessions you have had significant exposure to the tools and techniques that you will need to fulfil the requirements of this assignment. You are to use this knowledge to: 1) Answer the 5 questions on memory allocation and the C++ calling convention. 2) Design a piece of software that is professionally commented and tested and will run without modification on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system. 


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