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Course Objective  The purpose of this course is to: • Introduce the legal framework that affects business relationships, organizations and their operations. • Improve the ability to recognize and manage the legal risks arising in business situations • Encourage critical thinking in order to examine all sides of a business situation • Develop capacity for analysis, research and problem-solving skills within the context of the Legal framework.  Course Outcomes  On the completion of the course, the student will be able to: COI: Identify the appropriate type of business organization suited to one’s business needs and legal compliances required for the same. CO2: Predict potential problems in day-to-day business activities and know when to consult with a legal expert. CO3: Respond to regulatory requirements and consumer issues. C04: Reflect on the legal issues affecting the employer-employee relationship. CO5: Plan and take business decisions in changing business environment keeping the legal framework in mind.  Course Description  The course introduces the student to the Legal Framework within which the businesses are required to operate. The course covers various laws relating to Business Organizations, Business Transactions, Employee-Employee Rclationshi etc.


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