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“The contract by which he [workers] sold to the capitalist his labour-power proved, so to say, in black and white that he disposed of himself freely. The bargain concluded, it is discovered that he was no ‘free agent,’ that the time for which he is free to sell his labour-power is the time for which he is forced to sell it, that in fact the vampire will not lose its hold on him ‘so long as there is a muscle, a nerve, a drop of blood to be exploited.’” (415-416 Marx). The quotation above is a line taken from chapter 7 of Capital, Volume I as Marx concluded the chapter after talking about the workers’ struggle in the United States. This is one of Marx’s reflections of why socialism is important for workers. It is a means to maximize the freedom of workers. For your final I want you to write a paper (3 full pages in length) explaining how socialism emancipates workers to freely sell their labor, and argue if this is an endeavor that is worthwhile. In your paper, ensure that you include the following: I. Explain why workers are forced to sell their labor power as suggested in the quotation above. II. Explain what socialism is and how it fundamentally differs from capitalism. III. How does the transformation of society toward socialism allow workers to freely sell their labor? IV. Do you think that the transformation of society toward socialism is a necessity to resolve injustice in society, as many Marxist believe? Why or Why not? You may use quotations from Capital in your essay if it directly relates to supporting the statements you are creating, but it is not required.


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