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The objective of this section of the paper is to demonstrate that you understand and can talk in depth about at least onedevelopmental theory from class. You may choose any theory from class, but it is highly suggested to choose one you feellike you understand well and could point out both the pros and cons of it. Some of the following theories are possible; ifyou choose something outside this list, you must get prior approval:o Biological approach (e.g. Darwin and evolution)o Behavioral/Learning approach (e.g. Bandura, Skinner, Pavlov)o Piagets cognitive theoryo Overlapping waves (Siegler)o Dynamic systems (Spencer, Thelen, Smith)o Core knowledge, Nativism (e.g. Spelke & Kinzler)o Sociocultural (Vygotsky)o Differential Susceptibility (Belsky, Pluess; Ellis et al., 2011)In this section, the following information should be covered:1. Overview of the theory – what is the main point, what is some of the terminology used?2. How does the theory deal with abilities at different ages and how does it account for change over time? That is,why are we talking about this as a theory of development (as opposed to biology or social psych)?3. What is one positive aspect of the theory, or one thing the theory accounts for that is important and useful? Whatis one negative aspect of the theory, or one critique of the theory, something it doesnt do or cant account for?


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