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700255 Environmental Building Design Task: Report on Sustainability in Medium Density Residential Projects This 1000 word report should describe selected developments in the field of improving the sustainability of medium density residential development projects in Australia. Select and describe some energy, water or waste systems which may be incorporated in current residential projects to assist their environmental performance. This can mean building products or processes. It will be necessary to define the concept of sustainability (using references) and list the benefits and disadvantages of each system that you have described, both on the building occupants and on the environmental footprint of the building. Express an opinion (with references) about the likely cost to the construction industry and the consumer of including these options in residential development. Images and photos may be included but they must be referenced. The report must be divided into subsections and must be provided with a contents page at the beginning as well as page numbers. Referencing should conform to the Harvard System of Referencing. You are advised to consult the electronic journals available in the library for reference sources. Information from trade literature may also be included and should also be referenced.


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