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Please write a reaction paper reflecting on the readings or the week and the documentary“Let Freedom Sing: How Music Inspired the Civil Rights Movement or “Muscle Shoals” You can decide what direction to take it. A few ideas:-refer back to David King Dunaways article Music and Politics in the United States. Apply the typologies to the songs of the Civil Rights movement. What difference does this song make to the politics and law of the time?-discuss the history of federal segregation or voting legislation (this will require some research on top of what is found in the documentary and in he power points).-consider how history could have been different if songs were not a part of the civil rights movement. Would the politics and laws of the time have been different? How? Why?-choose a surprising (to you!) item from the documentary or the power point for the week. Explore that topic.-choose one of the songs assigned for the week? Discuss the importance of this particular piece of music? (this only works if you situate your answer in the readings!)– Compare and contrast the differences between the music discussed in “Let Freedom Sing: How Music Inspired the Civil Rights Movement” and the music in “Muscle Shoals.” Are they both political? Why?


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