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HSP102 Human Structure and Physiology Questions: This assessment aims to improve your:i) Searching and interpretation of human structure and physiology literatureii) Expression and understanding of human structure and physiology knowledge with emphasis on regulatory mechanisms of homeostasisiii) Apply and analyse the impact of disturbances in homeostasis using specific human structure and physiology terms. InstructionsIn this assessment, you will create an audio response for Question 1, 2, 3 and 4 after watching the short video Part A option available on Blackboard. The designated video will be released as a class announcement only from Sunday 12:00 AM (AEST) Module 3.2 (Week 6). Step 1 – Watch video Part AYou must watch the designated video Part A option available in the Assessment 2 folder on Blackboard to complete this assessment Part A (Go to: Assessment 2 – Online Simulation →Videos). Step 2 – Create an audio response• Question 1: Describe the name, structure and function(s)/role(s) of the organ in video Part A.• Question 2: Describe how the organ in video Part A integrates with other organs/tissues of the same system to perform key function/s.• Question 3: Describe the key secretions that the organ in video Part A is associated with,and explain how they contribute to homeostatic control/homeostasis.• Question 4: Explain how the organ in video Part A self-regulates and/or is regulated in response to pathophysiological disturbance(s) that disrupts normal function/homeostasis. Step 3 – Create referencing file pageYou are also required to submit a reference list in a separate file.• The reference list must follow the current APA referencing style and should be typed into a Microsoft Word document/file, one (1) page recommended.• To support your answers, use a minimum of five (5) different references from academic sources (e.g. scientific journal articles, textbooks, and credible webpages .gov when appropriate). Submission Instructions• You need to submit your 5-minutes audio response and the reference list via the Assessment link within Assessment 2 Part A on Blackboard page. Please make sure you submit your Assessment Part A in the Assessment 2 Part A – Submission link.• Uploading your audio response: The audio recording containing your responses must be uploaded in the format of .mp3 or .mp4.• Please name your audio file and reference list using your first and last name, subject code and assessment name (e.g., Assessment 2A).


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