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3GK013 Project Based Learning Question: Learning Outcomes: LO1 Be able to demonstrate personal initiative and ability to adapt own behaviour to meet teamwork objectives. LO2 Conduct a defined investigation by selecting, organising and presenting information from a range of resources.  LO3 Demonstrate good communication skills in written and oral form. Assessment Task: In this assignment task, which you will hand in at the end of the module, you will write up and communicate your final project idea in the form of a report: Section of the reportContent to include:Introduction (50 words)LO3Outline what you will cover in the reportSection 1: My project findings (650 words)LO2 LO3In this section you will tell the reader about the project idea you have developed on this module:· Outline the community your project idea will support and explain the problem the community faces that you are aiming to solve. What SDG does it relate to?· Describe your project idea in detail – what does your project idea involve?· Evaluate your project idea – how effective do you think your project idea would be (give evidence) and discuss any weaknesses it may have.You should provide references in this section, for example, you will have researched the community you are aiming to help and will present some statistics or facts about them from your research – this would need to be referenced.Section 2:A reflection on my performance and participation in the project(250 words)LO1 LO3In this section, you will examine the skills you have developed on the module:Choose ONE of the below areas and briefly discuss your strengths and weaknesses in relation to them on this module:· Taking part in the group work· Research skills· Project management skills· Academic writing and presentation skillsConclusion(50 words)LO3Briefly summarise the key points of your reportSection 4: Reference listLO3Include a short reference list in Harvard Style (which should correspond with the in-text references in Section 1)AppendixNo word count, but 5-10 pages would be sufficient.LO2Include supporting evidence that can add detail to your project idea. Your supporting evidence could include:· A sample of minutes from your group meetings· Mockups/examples of realia from your project idea· Costings of your projectSee Canvas for an explanation of how to present appendices. Assessment Criteria:  AssessmentCriteria70-100%60-69%50-59%40-49%(Pass mark:35-39%Compensatable0-34%40%)FailCoverage ofassessmenttasks(All sections)There is acomprehensiveresponse to allparts of the task(Wordcount ismet (-/+ 10%)There is a fullresponse toall parts ofthe taskWordcount ismet (-/+ 10%)All parts of thetask areincluded, witha sufficientresponse to allpartsWordcount ismet(-/+ 10%)All parts of thetask areincluded butsome may beunder-developedWordcount ismet( -/+ 10%)Some parts of thetask are missingand/orsignificantlyunder-developedWordcount issignificantly shortor over-target(exceeding -/+10% of thewordcount)No learningoutcomes fullymetWordcount issignificantlyshort or over-target(exceeding -/+10% of thewordcount)Discussion andevaluation ofprojectoutcomes(Section 1 andappendix)A highly original,highly feasibleand creativeproject idea isexplained, andthe strengthsand weaknessesof the idea arediscussed in ahigh level ofdetailAn original,feasibleproject ideaisexplained indetail, withsomediscussion ofits strengthsandweaknessesA fairly originaland feasibleproject idea isdescribed, butmore detail isneeded. Thereis someconsiderationof strengthsandweaknesses ofthe ideaThe projectidea lacksfeasibility andoriginality,and/or thedescription ofthe projectidea lackssignificantdetail. There islimiteddiscussion ofthe projectidea’sstrengths andweaknessesProject ideaneeded to bemorepersonalized, lacksfeasibility andinsufficient detailis given. There islittle or noattempt to discussits strengths andweaknesses.However, overall,there is evidenceof sufficient graspof learningoutcomes tosuggest that thestudent will beable to retrievethe module onresubmissionNo originalproject ideahas beensuggestedEvaluation ofownperformance(Section 2)Sophisticatedand highlypersonalizedlevel of insightinto ownperformanceGood level ofpersonalisedinsight intoownperformanceReasonablelevel of insightinto ownperformancebut reflectionmay besomewhatgeneric inplaces.Some insightinto ownperformancebut reflectionis overlygenericLittle insight intoown performanceand reflection isgeneric, with nopersonalcomment on theirperformance


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