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EECT042 Software Development Questions: Introduction What is the goal of your project?How do you define software quality within your project?What are your high-level goals for your software quality?How is the rest of this document structured? External quality: building the right product How will you design your game mechanics so the game is fun? Are you going to be prototyping them, e.g. using pen and paper, or quick throwaway experiments?Are you going to follow any particular design principles for your game? There are entire websites on how to best approach the design of various types of games (e.g. Game Developer), and you may find YouTube channels like the Game Developers’ Conference or Extra Credits where they discuss game design at length. This may include learnability / accessibility concerns if your game is particularly tricky to pick up, or if you think that certain populations of your target audience may be unable to enjoy the game (e.g. colorblindness, motor/perception disabilities, etc.). For instance, there are the WCAG guidelines on accessibility for the Web, and for video games there are the Game Accessibility Guidelines. Are you going to “evaluate the fun” by running playtesting sessions, and when/how will you run them? (This may cover the selection of the participants, the organisation of the session, the collection of evidence, and the analysis of that evidence.) Do NOT confuse playtesting with regular testing: a playtester is trying out the game to see if it is fun, whereas a tester should be actively trying to break your game! How will you design/create your game assets so they are a good match for the intended audience and mechanics? (Graphics, sound, music, story, website design…) Are you going to impose any particular restrictions on them? For instance, graphics/music style, specific asset format, color palette, etc. How will you keep the project scope under control and deliver a complete product by the end of the year? Have you designed the game in a way that allows for parts of the game to be added/removed flexibly depending on the velocity of the team and upcoming deadlines?Do you have a meeting schedule to discuss the project progress and steer it based on perceived opportunities/challenges?Are you going to structure those meetings in any particular way?Are you going to follow any particular software development process that takes into account various sources of feedback? An agile approach may be useful here, like Scrum or Kanban.The Atlassian website has an entire section on agile approaches. You don’t have to adopt the entirety of a process, you can customize it for your project. Game name Smash Attack  Core features:Turn based8+ characters that are elemental based and have unique statistics and bio. Can between three characters as 3v3, can switch characters between turns. Heal and damage booster – you can choose from the item screen that can be used during the game Accuracy and armour work – stat screen for each character Health bar that indicates the health of the charactersAttack, defence, heal, and special abilities – 4 categories. Mannar  Interaction Mechanics:Website chat room Match making – create and join server Leader board  Graphical Styles:Character selection screen Items option menu 2D sprite based gameCostumes are based around the characters special abilities 


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