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Human service professionals are expected by the NOHS Ethical Standards to advocate for social justice. In this project, you will be researching contemporary social justice issues and choosing one as a focus on your project. After describing the issue and its impact on the affected population, you will create a plan of advocacy to eradicate the issue.

In your group…

Research social justice issues that are problematic in the United States today.

Bullying Prevention

Choose one issue as the focus for your project.

As a team, create a PowerPoint® presentation that illustrates

The issue

Its impact on clients

Possible solutions.

Assignment Directions

Use the readings, internet, and Purdue Global Library to research the implications of this case study under current law and practice expectations.

Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:

Introduce the thesis and purpose of the presentation. (1 slide) – Shiela

Describe the issue that the team has chosen and discuss how it is connected to your team’s values. (2 slides) – Morgan

Discuss, in detail, the impact this issue has on the affected population(s) (e.g., economically, socially, educationally, or medically). (6 slides) – Kara

Create a plan to advocate for improvement in, or the elimination of, this issue. Be specific with the action items in your plan. You should have three to five action items. (2 slides) – Entire Group

Conclude by reviewing main points and summarizing the presentation. (1 slide) – Shirley


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