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Create a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Diagram (this will be a diagram – see attachment)

This is not a design exercise, the boxes can be made in word, excel or a design program as you choose. Analysis is more important than an aesthetically appealing design.

Perform a strategic analysis of of Burberry’s as follows:

Please make your work far more thoughtful and in-depth than the discussion board

Market / Market Domain (The Where)

Describe Burberry’s market and position within their market

Outline Burberry’s top 5 competitors and how they are positioned versus Burberry

Value Creation (The Why)

Describe Burberry’s key offerings and how they are positioned in their market. Are they positioned to succeed or are they facing risk?

You are encouraged to look at their brand as well BUT remember a great brand is built upon great strategy, understanding of customers (re: segments) and the delivery of quality offerings.

Pay attention to key segments throughout your paper as how Burberry approaches segments is everything to their marketplace strategy

Activity Systems (The How)

Offer an overview of Burberry’s key activities (marketing, product development, channels (retail, digital), supply chain

Who are key stakeholders and partners for Burberry? (i.e. do they carry outside brands, private label, licensing arrangements, partnerships?)

What is Burberry’s retail strategy?

What is Burberry’s digital strategy?

Are there risk or problems you’ve observed in Burberry’s activity systems?

Provide proof (from the case) where relevant by looking at the exhibits attached

Risk & Dilemmas Analysis

Analyze the unique success factors of Burberry’s luxury business and explain how it contributes to the brand’s image.

Strategic dilemmas

How are external factors (changing competition, technology, buyer expectations) affecting Burberry’s ability to succeed?


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