Five green segments identified by Cotton International – LegitWriting

1. Using the information provided in the tables, which of the five green segments identified by Cotton International would you target if you were marketing a clothing line in each of the following situations. Explain your choices.

2. Well-known brand name that is moderately environmentally friendly but has the potential for mass appeal.

3. Well-known brand name with a track record of environmental friendliness and a high natural-fiber content.

4. Moderately well-known brand name, with low prices, that has been cited in the past for behaving in ways that are not environmentally friendly.

5. The green segmentation scheme presented in this case is particular to green apparel. Compare and contrast the green apparel segments with the green segments described in Table 3–1 of the text.

6. The case mentions that Brad Pitt has been spotted in the media wearing Patagonia clothing. In what ways is this potentially positive for the brand?

7. Consider that Patagonia was going to sign a celebrity endorser to its brand.

8. What factors should Patagonia consider when choosing a celebrity endorser?

9. What celebrity would be a good endorser for Patagonia? Justify your answer.


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