leading and working with others

leading and working with others Activity 16.3 Revised skills and experience audit You began to consider your strengths and weaknesses in Chapter 1. Go back to that now. Use the list of key skills outlined there to update your lists of strengths and weaknesses. These skills include: ● number ● communication ● information skills ● leading and working with others ● learning ● problem solving. You may now be able to identify specific relevant skills under these broad headings – for example, presentation or report writing under communication skills, networking under working with others, or facility with particular software packages under information skills. Looking at advertisements for appealing jobs can highlight other areas of strength and weakness. Remember to add experience as well as skills to your list. Again, your trawl of websites and advertisements should give you an idea of the kinds of experience that you need to be able to offer. This might be, for example, to have worked in a particular sector, or a particular function such as sales, or a particular context such as a ‘lively creative team’, or have demonstrated a particular skill such as leadership.


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