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Create a product for middle childhood and adolescence. Think of the product as informational material for those who come into a doctor’s office or clinic looking for information. The product can either be a brochure, a flyer, or an infographic that contains specific information about the particular human development stage along with relevant pictures. Your group product will be graded based on the correct content and visual appeal. Ensure that your product grabs the reader’s attention and delivers the right amount of content to educate those who are less informed. The visual layout and graphics of the product should match according to the human development stage you are creating for (e.g. early childhood vs. adulthood). Your work must follow basic APA formatting for citations and references. You should also use appropriate grammar and style. The product should have a title section with all student names (authors) who have participated in creating this activity. The informational product should answer the questions: How would you describe social and emotional development in middle childhood and adolescence?How would you describe physical and cognitive development in middle childhood and adolescence?Discuss some trends and theories of development in middle childhood and adolescence.What is your personal experience with this developmental stage ?How do you feel knowledge of this development stage will help you professionally and personally? (Please support your answers with your readings.)


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