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Military Tactics and Sustainment Exam ? Principles of unified land operations, decisive action, and mission command December 19, 2017by  Prof. Kevinin Uncategorized Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements This exam covers the principles of unified land operations, decisive action, and mission command. You will use the Army doctrinal concepts you learned in lessons C410 through C422 to answer the exam. This exam is worth 40% of the C400 grade, and is due after lesson C422 (the end of the block). You may use the C400 online lessons and readings to help you answer the exam. You may use your notes and take as long as you need. You do not have to submit a CGSC Form 1009w writing evaluation for this exam. Primary doctrinal references for the exam include:? ADRP 1-02 Operational Terms and Military Symbols (2012)? ADRP 3-0 Unified Land Operations (2012)? ADRP 4-0 Sustainment (2012)? ADRP 5-0 The Operations Process (2012)? ATTP 5-0.1 Commander and Staff Officer Guide (2011)? FM 3-90-1 Offense and Defense (2013)? FM 3-90-2 Reconnaissance, Security, and Tactical Enabling Tasks (2013)? FM 3-90.6 Brigade Combat Team (2010) You also may access the doctrinal references via the Army Publishing Directorate at the following link: . If you state something from doctrine, the readings, or the lessons as part of your answer, you must give a citation in accordance with ST 22-2. You may use parenthetical citations, endnotes or footnotes; all citations must include page numbers. Type your answers directly into the spaces provided. The font and margins are already set for you; the document will expand as you type your responses. Single-space your answers; double-space between paragraphs; write in complete sentences, not bullets.


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