PUBH6003 Health Systems and Economics: Health Financing

PUBH6003 Health Systems and Economics:  Health Financing thumbnail



Healthcare financing incorporates how funds are mobilised (raising revenue), accumulated (pooling) and allocated (purchasing) to deliver health services to individuals and population groups.

Health systems cannot function without funding: reliable channels of funding are important to ensure that a health system is equitable, and that individual healthcare costs do not cause financial harm.

  • Revenue raising ensures that there is money and ensures sustainability.
  • Pooling spreads the financial risk across the population to ensure equity and efficacy.
  • Allocation mechanisms used to pay for health services ensures services/medicines and technology.

Health financing also ensures the appropriate setting of financial incentives for the payment of health providers. Ultimately, health financing helps health systems to achieve their goals, such as health outcomes/gains, equity in the provision of health services, system efficacy and responsiveness. These key indicators are used to monitor and evaluate the health financing mechanisms adopted by different countries. Thus, knowledge of health financing will help you to understand the extent to which health system goals are achievable (or not) in a given context.

This assessment is designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration. The assessment requires you to engage in extensive research and undertake a critical analysis to craft clear and strategic evidence-based arguments to support your stance: a key skill in public health advocacy and policy development.

Assessment Task

Your group will be provided with a topic and the stance that you will be required to argue. Critically evaluate your topic for debate (in essence, writing a position paper).Consider the pros and cons for the achievement of the health system’s goals: the health outcomes (health gain), equity in health and finance, financial protection and the responsiveness of the system.

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NURBN 3033 Primary Health- Self-Management Plan formatted

NURBN 3033 Primary Health- Self-Management Plan formatted thumbnail


1. Provide a brief introduction of the client and identify their main chronic health issues which need priority attention and care in a self-management plan and why (PROVIDE REFERENCES TO JUSTIFY).

Write three smart goals for the client in managing chronic illness conditions and associated care/treatment/medication.  There is evidence of a very high level of understanding of the topic. The student can comprehensively introduce the client and their chronic health issues.

2. Discuss and Critically Analyse Consumer Directed Care/Self-Management 

3. Design a Self-Management Care Plan 800 Words (inclusive of intext)

Please follow the instructions

Self-Management Plan formatted in the template. In this plan, write down the SMART Goals at the top of the template and then write/design at least 6 priority self-management interventions required for the client to undertake with respect to the priority care needs for each goal. Provide clear healthcare instruction for the client as to what they should do to manage the health issues identified in the SMART Goals. 

Provide rationales/justification for each with support literature references from peer reviewed current database or textbook sources.

Referencing in text should follow the APA 7th edition guidelines and format.

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BSBITU315 Purchase Goods and Services Online- knowledge questions below

BSBITU315 Purchase Goods and Services Online- knowledge questions below thumbnail


This assessment task is to create a presentation with your group that answers the knowledge questions below. The questions are designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of key aspects of this unit.

You are required to create a presentation that demonstrates that you and your group have completed the following:

Further research the topics addressed in each question
Answer all questions with sufficient detail
Answer all questions using your own words
Provides enough detail to show your understanding
Apply critical thinking
Provide examples and discuss your answers when required

Answer the questions below:

1. List the key provisions of legislation that affects some aspects of business operations

2. Identify the key features of organisational policies and procedures relating to use of internet and online purchasing

3.Explain the features of organisational policies and procedures relating to the security of electronic information (including, for example, financial information)

4. List the legal and ethical requirements relating to a range of online transactions

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CAR20001 Future Work Skills- career theory

CAR20001 Future Work Skills- career theory thumbnail


Learning Outcomes

1. Exhibit an understanding of career theory, planning and management.

2. Exhibit a capacity to apply skills that reflects an understanding of current discipline-related skills,employability skills, labour-market trends and employment opportunities.

3. Critically review, analyse and synthesise knowledge of skills, attributes, strengths, and values for job-readiness.

4. Identify discipline-specific skills, transferrable and employability skills for the development of a professional portfolio.

5. Use professional communication and technological skills to create a discipline-specific professional presentation.


state the focus of your assignment (see above)


name the employer or the start-up incubator program and include their website

outline the details of the job or incubator program, including 4 selection criteria you will address in your letter or pitch

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ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice- Legitimacy Theory of Accounti

ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice- Legitimacy Theory of Accounti thumbnail


Learning Outcomes
1. Explain the relationship between accounting theory, the accounting conceptual framework and accounting standards.
2. Work individually and in groups to identify and apply appropriate accounting

This assignment develops research and critical thinking abilities. It is a critical analysis/review of an academic article.

Changes in technology are impacting accounting and how accountants perform their jobs. This activity will provide students information on new trends in accounting field.     

Answer the following questions in your critical review:

1. Research and briefly explain Institutional Theory and Legitimacy Theory of Accounting?

2. Evaluate and assess adoption of Information Technology in Accounting through Institutional Theory and Legitimacy Theory perspective of Accounting. Use examples to illustrate how accounting systems are institutionalised within organisations and provide external legitimacy.

3. Critically evaluate the propositions made by the authors. Do you agree or disagree with the 4 propositions in the article? Explain your point of view and provide evidence from other academic resources.

4. Comment on any strengths and weaknesses of the article.  

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ACC3005 The Accounting Research Project- technical accounting knowledge

ACC3005 The Accounting Research Project- technical accounting knowledge thumbnail


Unit Learning outcomes

1: Critically analyse and apply theoretical and technical accounting knowledge.

2: Examine and critique regulatory and sustainability issues relevant to accounting practices including social and ethical concerns.

3: Conduct a research project and identify key steps of the research process

Description of the research project

The main objective of this research project is to confirm your ability in conducting research and executing key steps involved in the research process. The research needs to appraise and evaluate contemporary accounting issues. In this project, you need to identify a contemporary research topic, which has theoretical and empirical implication in current account practices. The identified topic needs to be related to sustainability, ethics and/or social accounting issues. For theoretical research, you need to identify the relevant theories on your topic using literature review and incorporate your own ideas of various researchers with your understanding. For empirical research, you need to identify 10 ASX listed companies and investigate their practices using accounting annual reports and other media reports. Overall, you need to

a) Critically analyze relevant theories on accounting information and corporate social responsibility using peer reviewed journal articles.
b) Analyze annual reports of 10 ASX listed companies for related accounting issues
c) Identify the research methodologies
d) Investigate the qualitative data and interpret
e) Provide discussion on main findings of the researched companies
f) Provide conclusion with justification

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CIS7014 End User Computing

CIS7014 End User Computing thumbnail
 You are required to develop a policy document consisting approximatelyords 3000 w to manage EUC risk that covers one of the following areas 1. Considering EUC broadly that includes end user computing devices, BYOD, etc. 2. Considering more narrow point of view that covers end users (non-IT professionals) developing applications to support their work You are expected to submit a research report consisting of a. The policy document should include an introduction to the policy, policy statement, scope of the policy, policy elements, compliance and enforcements, responsibilities, etc. Marks will be allocated to the content, organization (structure and flow) and presentation of the policy document. Critically evaluate the role of EUC in modern organisations Demonstrate understanding of the risks associated with EUC, specifically spreadsheet error Demonstrate the ability to identify an area relating to EUC to conduct a research to assess risks associated with EUC and how to manage them Demonstrate the ability to conduct a substantial research in the identified area compile a report
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IDC6601 Cybersecurity| Rationale

IDC6601 Cybersecurity| Rationale thumbnail
 Although you fixed the various policy and training issues last Fall, problems remain.  First, you continue to have problems with users in your company going to unauthorized websites and accessing improper content from their work machines. What tools/technology can you employ to mitigate this issue? Besides training and technology at the user level, what else can be done?   Now, your IT support folks discover that your systems have been compromised by a phishing attack, which gave the outside attackers admin access to your servers and services temporarily.  The IT support section personnel are still working the issues; but, the good news is that they feel that they have eradicated the threat and are now mostly doing clean up operations.  You institute guidance to your users to assume an environment where you are constantly under attack and institute training to support that guidance. Is this type of attack (phishing) predictable considering you thought you fixed the previous problems? Explain your rationale  Would an after action report by the IT department be a good idea? Explain
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HRM 601 Organization Managment and Organizational Causes

HRM 601 Organization Managment and Organizational Causes thumbnail


You are to create a presentation discussing from an organizational behavior perspective:
The influences on Boeing’s design decisions and sale of the 737 Max (What initially led to the choices that led to the design that included flaws?)
Boeing’s reactions to the accidents and grounding (including reactions to suggestions by others that design flaws were responsible)
Although not every topic that we cover in the course is relevant you should consider all of them, discard those that are not, discuss those that are. You should consider the context in which Boeing was operating (e.g., competition, relationship with regulators)
Your need to gather information on the Boeing 737 Max incident with a focus on its underlying organizational causes. You may also need to research Boeing more broadly.
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7096750 Strategic Planning any International Airport

7096750 Strategic Planning  any  International Airport thumbnail
task 1 – Write a literature review, synthetising three academic references, on strategic management and how a particular theory can be applied to a real example of a particular airport authority/organisation see examplar page page 5 example airport have a look at the quality and format and type of refencing use. Ignore the feedback section 2.2 as I will add this myself then you we also need to put all together in this draft Finalise your first draft making any relevant improvements, particularly aiming to incorporate the feedback that you received from your classmates. For details of this task, refer to the Marking Criteria provided below. ignore feedback part I will add these after see examplar page • This task consists of 2 interconnected sub-tasks around the topic of dynamic strategic airport management. • You are required to write a literature review that discusses one theoretical approach to strategic management of airports making use of at least five academic references. task 2 You should refer to a specific airport case to illustrate your chosen approach. You might eventually want to speculate about the implications of applying a particular theory into a real airport/airport authority, but it has to be a good speculation. You may link your analysis to a particular strategic management approach used by the airport during the COVID19 disruption, or discuss what stategic approach could be used in the upcoming months/years. • Marking Criteria: • This task is an individual assignment. •• You will be required to make a text submission, so save your material in a file, and then copy paste it into the appropriate section of the Turnitin submission link and then into the Discussion Board as per instructions above. • Please note that you can only use ONE direct quote in your first or final draft. What is a literature review? A literature review is a critical review of existing knowledge on areas such as theories, research findings and evaluations on a particular topic. It is not merely a summary to gather information from reports, journals and articles. A literature review involves a critical evaluation identifying similarities and differences between existing literature and the work being undertaken (an airport example you are providing). It reviews what has already been done in the context of a topic.-
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