Cloud workstation

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Cloud workstation

Due to the wide adoption of high-speed internet, many organizations and businesses no longer need to purchase and support their own digital infrastructure and tools. Instead, they can access and use the services online without having to meet any hardware and software requirements on their device. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is one of the top services gaining approval and can be valuable to companies.

DaaS securely conveys virtual desktops and apps from the cloud to any site or device. DaaS is a  cloud workstation that provides a simple and anticipated pay-as-a-go subscription model, thus make it easy to scale up/down on demand.

How Does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Work?

DaaS functions similarly to other cloud services. The desktop, data, software, and operating system in use are remotely stored on the provider’s server. The DaaS provider is responsible for maintaining the hardware, regularly updating the operating system, and securing any data saved on their cloud digitally and physically. All you need to access the  cloud workstation is a PC, laptop, or mobile device with a reliable internet connection.

With Desktop as a Service, you can utilize many operating systems using the same device without being at risk. Plus, you can comfortably use apps and software that usually require specific hardware and high computational power as long as you have enough bandwidth to support it.

Desktop as a Service Work (DaaS) vs. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 

It can be easy to confuse VDI with DaaS. The technology used by DaaS is similar to VDI, with the only difference being who manages the virtual desktops and the base. With virtual desktop infrastructure, a business could virtualize its desktops using a remote server or in-house. As long as those using the desktops have the sole responsibility of managing and maintaining the services, then it is VDI, not DaaS.

The variables between DaaS and VDI can make a difference with companies with lots of employees. Utilizing virtual desktop infrastructure as an individual is not different from having multiple devices but with all the additional work of virtualization. DaaS is when an organization takes virtual desktop infrastructure and rents out parts of it as a service.

Why Are Many Companies Turning to Desktop as a Service Work (DaaS)?

There are a couple of reasons why companies are now turning to DaaS solutions. It can be quite challenging to manage remote employees as they often use different types of devices with various applications and operating systems to access company data. On some occasions, while these are the company’s devices, they just as often could be personal devices. And this can cause serious security challenges, especially for businesses who are required to abide by the strict industry regulations regarding how to manage their data. DaaS offers a centrally managed cloud workstation that solves most of these challenges and more. 

Getting Started with DaaS

It is best to talk to a reputable IT company before making the huge decision to switch to Desktop as a Service (DaaS). For more information about DaaS and the best solution for your business, contact GPL Technologies today!








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